Boletín del Nodo de Sudáfrica sobre el futuro de las pandemias

El Nodo de Sudáfrica del Proyecto Millennium ha publicado un nuevo boletín centrado en el tema del futuro de las pandemias con los siguientes contenidos:


- Artículos:

■ Communicating in Times of Pandemic Crises in Africa: Lessons from the future
■ How the Coronavirus has Altered the Course of Human History
■ 19 Startling Covid Trends and 19 Golden Covid Opportunities Emerging from the Chaos
■ Coping with the Exponential Speed of Panic
■ The Fear of Doing Nothing: Our overarching fear of getting caught with our pants down
in an age of hyper-awareness

- Perfil futurista: Jean Chawapiwa

- Bibliozona: Colección de publicaciones: Future of Pandemics

- Talk-@-tive: Recomendaciones en Talk-@-ive.

- Videofilia: Videos on future of pandemics

- Lecturas recomendadas:

■ Electrifying the Futures
■ Imagining the Future: Notes from the frontier
■ General Morphological Analysis: A general method for non-quantified modelling
■ Angolan futures 2050: beyond oil
■ The Next Generation of Batteries Could Be Built by Viruses
■ ‘We are literally making electricity out of thin air’;
■ Opportunity at the Edge: Change, Challenge, and Transformation on the Path to 2025
■ Fast Future’s Life in 2025: “Say Hello Say Goodbye” Scenarios
■ The perils of short-termism: Civilisation’s greatest threat
■ 11 Questions for the next decade: Superforecasting global and regional political and economic trends
■ The World in 2030
■ 50 Leading Female Futurists
■ Inside the future of humanity: Svalbard’s Global Seed Vault
■ Powerful antibiotics discovered using AI
■ 2020 Tech Trends Report

- Boletín de noticias:

■ Free Webinar: Global Perspectives on the World After COVID-19
■ Call for Chapters – Post Pandemic Future
■ Free webinar: The World After Corona – Globalisation, Risk and the Future


El boletín puede consultarse en el siguiente enlace.

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