Boletín del Nodo de Sudáfrica sobre los futuros post Covid-19

El Nodo de Sudáfrica del Proyecto Millennium ha publicado un nuevo boletín centrado en el tema de los futuros post Covid-19 con los siguientes contenidos:


- Artículos:

■ Contact Phobia – The growing fear of human touch and our shift towards a contactless world
■ Never Again! 10 Future Inventions designed to identify, manage, and crush future pandemics.
■ How the coronavirus will trigger a massive new underground economy
■ Finding the Opportunities and Filling the Void

- Perfil futurista: Adelowo Jephthah Damilola

- Bibliozona: Colección de publicaciones: Post-Covid-19 Futures

- Talk-@-tive: Recomendaciones en Talk-@-ive.

- Videofilia: Videos on post-covid-19 futures
- Lecturas recomendadas:

■ This is the best time to plan for urban Africa’s next health emergency
■ Mixed Migration in West Africa in 2030
■ The Three Tomorrows of Postnormal Times
■ Energy-harvesting design aims to turn Wi-Fi signals into usable power
■ Privacy in 2034: A corporation owns your DNA (and maybe your body)
■ Peace Talks in Focus 2020: Report on Trends and Scenarios
■ 7 Business Models Reshaping How We Work, Live, and Create Value
■ The Arts and Religions as Sciences and Technologies of the Future
■ Book: RAFT 2035: Roadmap to Abundance, Flourishing, and Transcendence, by 2035
■ Podcast - Glen Hiemstra talks about his 40+ years as a futurist

- Boletín de noticias:

■ The Future After COVID Course

■ Special Issue of Regional Studies: 'Re-imagining the future: city region foresight and visioning in an era of fragmented governance


El boletín puede consultarse en el siguiente enlace.  

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