The last November was presented the report of The State of the Future 2011 with the Future Scenarios made for Latin America for the 2030 year.


This study, led by the coordinator of the Node of Venezuela, José Cordeiro, and who has had the cooperation of all the Nodes which form the Millennium Project, presents four different scenarios, taking into consideration several items, such as, technological, economic, social and political ones.

This study began in 2009, coinciding with the celebrations of the bicentenary of the independence. The first stage of this study consisted on a survey with the Real –Time Delphi (RTD) methodology, during 2009 and 2010, while the second RTD was design to include the results of the first one in the Latin America 2030 scenarios form.


In the previous study, the Nodes of the Millennium Project of Latin America, designed a Real-Time Delphi for gather some experts opinion about the probability and significance on several regional and international developments which could affect Latin America within the next 20 years, and the potential way of the most important variables for the region. The other Nodes around the world also have helped to identify other experts to give an external outlook about Latin America. The Real-Time Delphi was distributed in three languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) and contained a total of 92 questions, divided as follows:


1.       International Development (From question 1 to 38)

2.       Geopolitical Influence (From question 39 to 52)

3.       Latin American Development (From question 53 to 82)

4.       Scenarios Axis (From question 83 to 87)

5.       Main variables (From question 88 to 92)


This is the reason why more than 550 people of around 60 countries, participated during seven weeks.

You can see below, the 4 resulting scenarios:


1.       "Tomorrow" is Today: Latin American success

2.       Technology. A new ideology? Believers and skeptics

3.       The Region in flames: Latin American nightmare

4.       Network: Death and revival


For further information, read the chapter related to the Latin American Scenarios 2030 of the State of the Future Report or read the summary presentation.


Also, we would like to receive your comments or inputs about these scenarios. Write us giving you opinion in our blog, clicking here.