Estudio Delphi en Tiempo Real para el Índice del Estado del Futuro 2030

El Proyecto Millennium lanza una invitación a participar en la encuesta Delphi en Tiempo Real (RTD) para elaborar el Índice del Estado del Futuro 2030 (SOFI), que está abierta hasta el día 20 de Febrero de 2022.


Toda la información y procedimientos para participar se describen a continuación:


In order to access the questionnaire:


- Click this link

- On your first access, please use "Registration" (the link below the login box) to create an account

- You will receive an email confirming your registration and access to the questionnaire

- When you first login, please use the email with which you registered, and create a password (it has to be at least 8 characters, containing a combination of upper case, lower case, and number.) You have to use these credentials each time you login, to retrieve your own answers and to see how the responses evolve.

If you have any difficulties, please contact me elizabeth@millennium-project.org

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