Nuevo boletín del Nodo de Finlandia del Proyecto Millennium

El Centro de Investigación Prospectiva de Finlandia, que coordina el Nodo de Finlandia del Proyecto Millennium, ha publicado un nuevo boletín en el que explora diferentes temas relacionados con la prospectiva:
·FFRC – 25 Years of Exploring Futures
·Deliberative Foresight – Co-Operation Experiences from China and Chile
·Developing Energy Education in the Mekong Area – Finding new pedagogical approaches
·Piloting Futures Studies in Solapur, India
·FFRC Citation Metrics
·Finland Futures Academy: A Distinctive Coalition of Futures Studies Experts, Researchers, Teachers and Students
·Black Swans: Futures Studies Students of Turku
·PhD in Progress: Markus Lahr Explores the Futures in Innovation Labs
·Intellectual Biography Explores the Visionary Life's Work of Professor Pentti Malaska
·New Book: Markku Wilenius: Patterns of the Future – Understanding the Next Wave of Global Change
·Welcome to our forthcoming Futures Conference 2018: Energizing Futures – Sustainable Development and Energy in Transition, 13–14 June 2018, Tampere, Finland.
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