Who are we?



The Millennium Project consists of more than 40 Nodes all around the World, among which our Node is included. This Node, coordinated by PROSPEKTIKER, has the collaboration of LKS, the MONDRAGÓN Corporation and the Strategy Office of the Gipuzkoa Province Council. As for its goal, in a participatory way, it is the promotion of the joint reflection of institutions and experts groups about the already identified 15 great challenges, at global level.


This way, the created working group meets together periodically in order to debate and work around the foresight area, in its thematic diversity. The experts who have collaborated within these reflections are the following ones:


  1. - The Gipuzkoa Province Council

    - MONDRAGON Corporation

    - LKS Group

    – Madrid EMPRENDE

    - Pablo de Olavide University

    – The Andalucian Studios Center.

    The Strategic Foresight Institute

    - Agència Valenciana D´Avaluació i Prospectiva

    – The Granada University

    – The Alicante University

    – UNED

    – The Basque University

    – Etc


¿What do we do?


Next, there are some global activities of the Millennium Proyect that this Node takes part in:


1.  State of the Future Index

2.  Updating and Improving 15 Global Challenges

3.  Latin America 2030 Scenarios Study

4.  Millennia 2015

5.  Real-Time Delphi

6.  Egypt 2020 Real-Time Delphi

7.  Middle East Peace Scenariosdissemination and discussions

8.  Global Climate change Situation Room

9.  Global Millennium Prize

10.Monthly International Environmental Security Reports

11.Futures Dictionary/Encyclopedia

12.Updating Annotated Scenarios Bibliography

13.Collective Intelligence System with the Universiti Sains Malaysia

14.Prime Minister of Kuwait's Early Warning System

15.Online course "Azerbaijan Foresight"

16.Future of Ontologists and their Education



More than 40 Nodes at global level...


15 Challenges to face ....





November 2010: Anual Seminar of the Millennium Project Node



  May 2010: Node's First Meeting